The Classic 20 – steps to learn anything faster, better and easier

Never-too-Young-to-ReadI have been thinking to start this blog for a long long time but never gave myself a chance to start. Thank Juan, co-founder of Live Talent, finally gave me a reason a start. Like most of us, the one thing (probably the only one thing besides being alive) that I can proudly declare over 10,000 hours of deliberately practises is schooling (thanks to my parents not giving me the power of decision-making before 18). The one classic book that probably changed my life is “The-Learning-Revolution” by Dr. Jeannette Vos and Gordon Dryden. It was gifted to me in 1999 in a translated Chinese version. How amazing is that those already-turned-yellow pages still applies to my life even after 16 years! This was the book shaped my belief that everyone has their talents regardless of race, religion, or learning challenges from the past.

Everyone is a teacher.  Everyone is a learner.  There is no such thing as being completely learning disabled. We may have learning difficulties and challenges, but the brain’s natural inclination is to learn. The question is what does it take to bring out your optimal ability to learn.

With the help of technology revolution such as “Massive Open Online Courses” and “Mobile Learning” platforms, the concept is further brought to reality. That’s the reason that I choose to start my blog with these classic 20 steps to learn anything much faster, better and more easily. Quite a large number of later articles or books that I have read about learning improvement can somewhat fall into these 20 points. Hope it can help you start an enjoyable learning journey too.

  • Step 1: Start with the lessons from Sports. My formula in short is: Mind + Body + Action + Guide = Success.
  • Step 2: Dare to dream. My practise would be to visualize the ideal future as detail as possible.
  • Step 3: Specific goal and deadlines. I use SMART goal system and always WRITE it down.
  • Step 4: Get an enthusiastic mentor – Fast! I always took notes on what people I know are enthusiastic about. Everyone can be your teacher but not everyone is available to teach. I am looking forward to a platform that I can find an enthusiastic mentor anytime I want to learn something.
  • Step 5: Start with the big picture first. This can be as simple as going through the table of content before reading a book.
  • Step 6: Ask! They are the “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why” and “How”. I like the Steve Jobs Approach: pick up the phone and call the experts!
  • Step 7: Seek out the main principle.
  • Step 8: Find three best books by practical achievers.
  • Step 9: Relearn how to read – faster, better, more easily.
  • Step 10: Reinforce with pictures and sound.
  • Step 11: Learn by doing
  • Step 12: Draw Mind Maps instead of taking linear notes.
  • Step 13: Easy ways to retrieve what you’ve learned.
  • Step 14: Learn of art of relaxed alertness.
  • Step 15: Practice, practice, practice
  • Step 16: Review and reflect
  • Step 17: Use linking tools as memory pegs
  • Step 18: Have fun, and play games
  • Step 19: Teach others
  • Step 20: Take an accelerated learning course

Baby-learning-in-StyleI have always been actively seeking resources, tools and platforms that would enable us to fully explore our talents, and empower us to learn anything faster, better and easier. I will dedicate this blog to provide all the best resources and tools for enthusiastic educators and learners just like me.




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